Love, Sex and Romance...?
Survey: Toronto Romantipolitan University
TMU students answer hard-hitting questions about love, sex and romance
Is romance dead? Is ‘the spark’ a real thing? Is having nipple clamps bought for you the most romantic deed a partner could carry out? Let’s take a look at what the Toronto Metropolitan University community had to say about the state of romance in The Eye’s annual Love and Sex survey.
Would you consider yourself to be a hopeless romantic?
Yes - 49.1%
No - 20%
Kinda? - 30.9%

Do you believe in “the spark”?
Absolutely - 47.7%
Not at all - 8.3%
It depends - 44%

What’s your main love language?
Gift Giving - 9.1%
Physical Touch - 16.4%
Words of affirmation - 25.5%
Acts of Service -23.6%
Quality time - 25.5%

Have you ever been in a romantic relationship?
Yes - 75.5%
No - 24.5%

Do you think you can have good sex without romance?
Yes - 67.9%
No - 32.1%

Do you think having a romantic connection leads to better sex?
Yes - 95.5%
No - 4.5%

Do you think it’s possible to consistently hook-up with someone without catching feelings?
Yes - 73.4%
No - 26.6%

How long is TOO long to stay in a “situationship” for?
More than a month - 21.8%
More than three months - 48.2%
More than six months - 21.8%
More than eight months - 1.8%
More than a year (we’re not judging) - 6.4%

Have you had relatively good dating experiences?
Yes - 32.1%
No - 24.8%
Sort of? - 43.1%

How do you generally feel about today’s dating climate?
I’m having a great time! - 10.9%
It’s okay, could be better - 43.9%
It’s awful and horrible and I hate it - 45.2%

If you’re single, do you enjoy dating around or are you looking for a long-term relationship?
The more the merrier—I’m just having fun! - 9.6%
If I find the right person I’m happy with leaving the dating scene for good - 61.5%
I’m looking for “the one”! - 28.9%

Have you ever used a dating app?
Yes - 65.5%
No - 34.5%

What’s your favourite rom-com?
The Proposal
Love Actually
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
Notting Hill
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
13 Going on 30
What’s your favourite rom-com trope?
Enemies to lovers - 41.9%
Childhood friends/high school sweethearts - 22.9%
Forced proximity - 17.1%
The love triangle - 1.9%
Fake relationship - 11.4%
The “non-toxic” one - 1%
Love is war! - 1%
Friends to lovers - 1%
Right person wrong time - 1%
Ryan Reynolds - 1%

Do you think romance is actually dead?
Yes - 16.4%
No - 83.6%

What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?
Someone surprised me by serenading me with a guitar to ask to be their valentine in the middle of campus
I’m a history fiend so someone framed a copy of Toronto’s oldest valentine that they found in the archives
Picked up a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store while tripping on acid for valentine’s day
Created a deck of cards filled with 52 reasons they loved me
Memorized my order at each of my favourite restaurants without me knowing so he could pick up food for me whenever and from wherever to give me a small but sweet surprise
Got me a dog
Bought me nipple clamps
Bought me a Lego bouquet
Took an allergy pill daily because I wanted to adopt a cat while living together