Love, Sex and Romance...?
Love is in the air: Most romantic spots on campus to sneak around with your boo
These familiar locations are guaranteed to sweep your s/o off their feet
Nothing says romance better than sneaking in some quality time with your significant other (s/o) between classes on campus. From dodging the perils of downtown foot traffic to avoiding eye contact with other couples walking hand-in-hand, sometimes you just need a spot to be alone.
Here’s a round-up of the very best romantic spots on Toronto Metropolitan University's (TMU) campus that are sure to impress your boo the most.
The stairs in front of the Sheldon and Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre
Surrounded by student commotion and the concoction of greasy smells emanating from the food stalls across Gould St., the stairs leading up to the Sheldon and Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre building make for a wonderful meet-up spot. While sitting on the cold, concrete steps among countless strangers and bird feces, this location is perfect for those wanting to avoid as much eye contact with their partner as possible, as you’ll be too busy pointing out the various absurdities around you. Be sure to embrace the leftover food droppings being devoured by pigeons by offering them to your s/o in case they get hungry—a move that’s guaranteed to touch their heart.
The Trash Disposal on Gould St. (You know which one )
Emitting a pungent odour that’s sure to impress your date and detract from the fact that you just hit a 75-minute leg workout at the gym and have yet to shower, the trash disposal on Gould Street is a perfect location to sweep your s/o off their feet—literally, because they may pass out from the fumes. Serving as nothing more than a friendly reminder of the exes from your past, these garbage bins provide the perfect backdrop for the most casual date location—surely highlighting that your relationship can only go up from there.
The bridge from Kerr Hall to the Rogers Communications Centre
Unveiled in the fall of 2022, the new and improved walkway from Kerr Hall to the Rogers Communications Centre (RCC) is definitely a very romantic hidden gem at TMU. While embracing the omnipresent cold making its way through the punctured tunnel walls, you can take your jacket off and pretend to give it to your partner, only to tie it around your waist instead in a gotcha! moment. You can also take turns peering out the tiny little peepholes that overlook the oncoming traffic below, pretending you are in a real-life game of Frogger by avoiding the vehicles. Or, you can ditch your partner if they’re getting on your last nerve by stealing their One Card after reaching the RCC and going back onto the bridge, leaving them stranded and allowing you to contemplate your life choices. This spot’s aura is guaranteed to make your bae feel both appreciated, loved and “made of grit.”
The Silent Floor (Floor 10) of the library
What better way to get in that valuable quality time with your s/o than to sit in complete and utter “silence” with them? The 10th floor of the library is surely the place to go for that much-needed quiet time! While other students are grinding away at their required readings in peace, you and your s/o can use the aisles of tall industrial shelves filled with dusty reference books as a perfect, semi-private place for some grinding of your own. And don’t be afraid to go ahead and disrupt the sound of silence with an unnecessary conversation about why your boo’s friends detest you. You may catch a few dirty looks and stares from neighbouring peers, but this is normal. After all, you’re just reminding them of what real romance looks like.