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Five tips for a “successful” soft launch
Why not debut your newest love interest the “right” way?
“Soft-launching” is a relatively new Gen Z-created practice to help you announce to your social media followers that you’re in a new relationship. It’s usually a step that moves the association into its next stage, which begins when you subtly showcase your new partner to your friends and foes online but aren’t ready to say, “here’s my significant other!” with an official tag or mention without showing their faces.
You may be familiar with that classic conspicuous soft launch post, or maybe you’re in your first relationship and need some tips on how to curate the perfect debut. If we’re being completely honest, Gen Z doesn’t always know how to display a relationship in the right way. Well, you don’t have to worry because The Eyeopener has you covered! Here are five tips on how to achieve a super successful soft launch:
1. Make sure that you not only tag your s/o but ensure their username is on full display—highlighted right in the middle of the post. Doing this will help people find your s/o on social media and potentially encourage them to look your s/o up online, which is what you’re going for! Everyone should be able to easily find their LinkedIn job history because why not.
2. Make your captions noticeable and prominent. If you post a picture on your Instagram story, make the caption classic and sappy—think along the lines of, “home is where the heart is.” I promise you, your viewers will know that this person isn’t just a one-night-stand type of vibe, they’ll know that they’re turning you into a full-on simp! I mean, who doesn’t want to be known as a simp in 2023?
3. Don’t be on the same page with your special someone about what you guys should post. Who cares how uncomfortable the other person may feel with a massive, personal love note dedicated to them on social media? You’re in love and everyone needs to know (including them)—so do it.
4. Don’t take too long to share your good news with the world! Why wait until the relationship is official to post your soft launch? It’s best to do it as soon as possible—because if you’ve already lasted two weeks, you’re basically in a long-term relationship already! And who knows, maybe professing your love for them on social media will help make things actually official.
5. Go straight for the gold and post them on your Instagram feed. Skip the overused Instagram stories and go bold with a full-on photo dump dedicated to that new special someone in your life! Let’s be honest, everyone wants to see your bae aggressively slurp some ramen noodles, so post all the photos you want.
And don’t be shy about the types of photos you choose. Maybe throw in a picture of them in the bathroom shaving nose hairs or them with a fresh new haircut. All I'm saying is, basically, go big or go home with this one!